Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 2

Back in the world:

This morning started with dogs barking. Why was I surprised? Maggie's face was covered with junk from her nose. She was as happy as can be though. Nothing a warm washcloth couldnt handle.
I felt so rested this morning, which is a major accomplishment for a major non-morning person. I knew my friend LeighAnn was coming over so the morning would go by quickly.

She got here at nine and played with Maggie while I finished breakfast. After a few cups of coffee she and I were both ready to dive into food and conversation. Maggie was very silly at breakfast and kept making funny faces at LeighAnn. She babysits MAggie sometimes and does nursery at church so they are pretty good friends.
We had a wonderful time eating German Pancakes with hot mixed berries and scrambled eggs and steaming cups of Bongo Java coffee.

Halfway thru breakfast Mags got down and went and played in the living room and successfully pulled out all the folded clothes that was in the laundry basket. They are now all over the living room floor. It's naptime so I havent been able to go pick them up since the doggies and their long fingernails will pitter patter on the hardwoods....can you tell they are stressing me out?
It was nice having company over in the morning...i love cooking people breakfast. And after a day of not seeing anyone but Mags it was good to be back with people.
She graciously watched Maggie while I took a shower and got ready, what a treat! It takes little to make me feel pampered these days.

The Maggie and I headed to meet some of her friends (Amelia, Jack, Sophia, Annie, & Zoe) and some of my friends (all their mommies) for lunch at Baja. hmmmmm, good.
It is such a beautiful day today. I forgot to take pictures it was so much fun.
On the way home, despite me blaring daddy's new record and having the sunroof down, Maggie still feel asleep. One thing I love though, is taking off her jacket and shoes while she is fast asleep in my arms. It feels very mommy-ish to do that. And I can only imagine how good it feels for a sleepy baby to be underdressed and then snuggle into the crib. She stayed asleep the whole time. So sweet!

More later...
(It's now Friday)
AFter nap time we dropped the doggies off at Lucy's house and headed to Franklin to stay with my cousin. It was so nice to just lay on the couch and let maggie play with the other kids. (She has 4) After a yummy meal we got all the kiddos ready for bed. Maggie slept in a pack n play in the guest room with me.
Stacey, Brad and I stayed up talking and watching CNN and catching up. It was nice to have company. I headed off to bed at 10pm b/c I was so tired. As soon as I walked in she woke up. I should have known then to go sleep on the couch. So I brought her to bed with me, not thinking she'd actually fall asleep but its exactly what she wanted.
She snuggled in with me with her arms around my neck. She felt for my face and once she found my nose she went "honk honk" which is her latest funny thing. We both giggled in the dark and then she fell asleep.
{by the way, we are watching Mr. Rogers and Yo-Yo Ma and his family are on it. Maggie is swaying to Yo-Yo play the cello. Did you all know he has played since he was 6?}

Anyway, after I realized I could move around and not wake maggie up it was fun to have her fast asleep next to me. She hasnt sleep in our bed since she was about 6 months old. It took me a long time to fall asleep as she kept creeping up on my pillow. But I loved smelling her lavender scented hair. She was even sweet when she woke up at 1am and wanted to play. She kept trying to put the pacifer in my mouth and would pat me and say, night night!
It was cute for about 30 mins. and then I put her into the crib. She eventually fell asleep. Well....until 4:30 . I tried to get her to sleep for about an hour, then I gave up and went downstairs and got on the couch. I was exhausted!!!! she stopped crying after about 5 mins and fell asleep too.
all the kiddos woke up (loudlyy!) at 7. So Maggie and I got up too and headed home. We went by chickfila, but even that didnt make me less tired.

Later for an update on day3!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

day to day while daddy is away

Full Day 1: Stillness and Quiet
After a wonderful night of good food (courtesy of food swap) and great conversations with an old sweet friend. We woke to a snowy day and a runny noses.
Harriet has a friend over (Lucy) and they did a good job of keeping me up last night too. So everyone was a bit tired this morning. But after grapefruit, toast with a little cream cheese, and organic english breakfast tea (only for me, not maggie) we all felt a little better.

I didnt expect it to keep snowing but it did and has, which has been a treat. Mags and I laid in bed for a while looking out the window at the very huge snowflakes. But after a few hours of hard play, Mommy got tired. So against my better judgement I put Maggie down for a morning nap. I crawled into the bed in our guest room which looks out over the porch. I opened the curtain and watched the snow until I drifted off the sleep. The dogs (finally!) curled up at the foot of the bed and went to sleep too and the house was very quiet for a few hours. Even Baby in Belly ceased kicking for a bit to give Momma a nice nap. Everytime I opened my eyes the snow seemed to be falling harder. It was a good nap! I heard Maggie awake but playing in her crib, so I let her play while I watched the snow more.

Then lunch time. Last night I made some yummy sweet tea with mint and lemon. I normally dont make sweet tea because my hubby's from NY and could take it or leave it. But for lunch it was a treat. With a wonderful organic green salad topped with strips of chicken, feta, kalamata olives and a yummy balsamic dressing. Maggie just ate the chicken part with a few chunks of cheese and some crackers. We watched the dogs play in the snow while we ate. They are now covered in mud. Beautiful.
More to mop.

More playing and watching the dogs run around the backyard getting muddy. Then attempt at nap number 2. she slept for a bit but mostly played. it was a nice break for mom though. the day has seemed extra long because we havent been able to get out.
Then it was tea time. Me with my caffefine free red tea and Mags with her fig newtons and milk. Then more play time and watching old supertones videos of daddy on youtube. she didnt really get that it was dad. so we watched babies laughing instead. she really liked that.
Dinner wasnt ready in time for her so i made some quick scrabbled eggs, toast, milk and fruit. After that she had blueberry yogurt and was COVERED in it. Bathtime!

Then we spent a while reading and then Maggie decided to take some pictures with my phone since I had been doing it all day.I thought it was pretty good that she actually got me in the photo!

Now baby is snug in bed with her steam vaporizer with lavender and euclyptus to get rid of that runny nose. I had to lay on my left side once she was down b/c bath time is getting really hard on my back and Baby in Belly has been kicking aggressively all day on my right side. I am pretty sure its all bruised and he's trying to make an escape. Laying on the left side didnt get him moving positions the kicking/pain continues.

I'm off to eat my "homemade" veggie pot pie (courtesy of Whole Foods) and to finish GodFather Part 2. sorry honey, we can rewatch it when you get back. couldnt wait!
although the day as seemed super long, I was sad to say good night to my sweet baby. Even with a runny nose and molars coming through, she is such a delight!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Long Way Gone

Last night I got to attend a lecture at Vanderbilt by Ishmael Beal. He is the author of the book Long Way Gone. It's his story of being a young boy when the civil war in Sierre Leone started, the death of his immediate family and then his recruitment into the army as a child soldier. Reading the book is beyond anything you watch on tv. He confimed last night that movies like Blood:Diamond(which is an awesome movie) dont even touch on the violence of war.
Hearing him speak was so inspiring. He is a storyteller by nature. His tribe, the Mende people, have oral traditions they past down so he learned at an early age how to captivate an audience.
There were a few things that were really impacting:
-He is only 27 and is actually taking his experiences and impacting the world at large. He is a international speaker for the UN, works for Human Rights Watch and is on the council to influence laws and policies related to child soldiers. and he's only 27!
-He spoke of the UNICEF workers that were working at his rehabiliatation center and how the other child soliders and he would beat them up severely, cut them, curse at them and the workers would come back, stitched up, and say, "its not your fault"....over and over they would do this until the spark of humanity left in the young boys would come back and began to change them. That is such love.

He has been out of the army for over 10 years. He still only sleeps 3 hours a night, the nightmares continue, the affects of trauma are still present. But he has taken those things and made them into something positive. He had a really good therapist or he is an extremely resilent young man. He doesn't let those horrors continue to negatively affect him.

It was good for me to engage with something on a global level. I listen to NPR news every morning. But besides my hubby, do i rarely talk about things we listen to and how it impacts me. Afganistan and the bombings, Kosovo and its liberation, Pakistan and its current voting polls. These things swirl in my head and in my heart and so to get out and actually hear a speaker and in engage with a friend afterwards was truly what this girl needed.
Even though we are heavily involved in our community and I get the privilege of being on the benevolence team....its good to talk about the world. It's a passion/calling and I need to continue to nourish it.

If you are interested read the book and learn more at
And PS. if you dont have children and your my friend, talk to me about global things. I like it! Or if you do have children, lets talk about ways we can make our children global minded.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

black, grey and all shades of pink

Yesterday the Morginskys happened to need to go out at the exact time it decided to snow. Mommy and maggie threw on whatever clothes were near and took daddy to his doctor appt.
I decided to take Maggie for a latte at the Starbucks while we waited. We went to the one on 21st near Vanderbilt. It was about 8:30ish and the work rush was in full swing. We people watched as I drank my very caffienated latte and Maggie ate a cranberry scone. Besides the guy with the hat that read, " Jesus is coming soon...Enough Said" we were the only ones not wearing black, grey or white. I had black sweats, a pink striped maternity top, purple scarf and purple hat with a flower on makeup and freshly rolled out of bed hair. And of course, snow boots. Maggie had every shade of pink and her Ellie-hand-me-down shiny pink and purple snow boots. We were a pair. For a milla-second I wanted to have on a black suit and being having important meetings with steaming cups of expensive coffee. Then I realized that when ever someone looked over at us, they were beaming. Maggie in her hot bright pink, was nice welcome to the hustle of the morning coffee and commute. Sitting there, with a child who was content to people watch with me and eat her scone (and incidentally drink from a straw for the first time) I couldnt be happier and was so thankful I was tosseled and quite a stay-at-home-mom mess. I knew we would soon be back at home, where everyone else wanted to be, and making hot tea and watching the snow with my bright hot pink baby.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

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