Friday, July 27, 2012

after 8 months living here....

i finally finished the kids room! i went with a beachy theme and my mom graciously splurged on the kids quilts from potterybarn! yay! they love it and make their bed every bed! its a tiny miracle!
The colorful garland banner and the octopus painting i made myself. the beds are potterybarn found on craigslist-yes! the Maggie banner is from Anthro and the colorful little blue boy painting over Abe's bed was made by my sister. the little hanging lantern, beach house sign and surf's up sign are all from the dollar store!

Friday, July 20, 2012

for memories sake...

tonight after dinner abraham said, "mom, you are doing a good job at being mom. and you look pretty." melt my heart! just what i needed after a long day of solo parenting while matt is out of town.
we are so blessed!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

he turned 4!

one month ago our little Abe turned 4. We call him our dreamer. He lives in his own little world 90% of the time.....just like his daddy. my biggest frustration on a day to day basis is getting him into the car and buckled. he is on his own time frame and stops to see every little bug or stick on the way from the front door to the car. it makes my blood boil! when i am not actually trying to get somewhere but just on a walk or watching them play, its my favorite thing about him. his imagination is priceless and beautiful!
of course, for his 4th birthday, we had a superhero birthday party! all his little friends dressed up as superheros and we fought waterballoon monsters and ate batman cake.
he makes us laugh, he makes maggie laugh and he definitely makes frankie laugh. life would be alot more dull without him. i cant wait to see what he grows up to be! he is such a gentle boy (although he did kick some little kid at the pool yesterday for not letting him play with a toy...hadnt seen that before!)  but all in all, he is a kind soul and he looks like a rockstar no matter what he is wearing! he's just got that look. love him!

my favorite picture of the day! he was so proud he caught the ball during the ball toss!!!

                                                                   we love you buddy!

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