Monday, December 31, 2012

christmas at the farm

we've had the great joy to be with my family at their new farm for christmas. it's the best place to go to get away from the city!

gingerbread house making

                                                       mimi doing nightly reading


before we left for nashville, we had some time as a family each sunday lighting the advent candles and making crafts. sweet traditions being made! 

Monday, December 03, 2012


It was a beautiful service. Lots of people that have traveled this pastoral road before us got up to speak and share their wisdom. He took vows. He was prayed over. It was like watching him in a wedding ceremony that I didnt get to be apart of. In some ways thats true. There are things he does and people he meets with that I wont get to share in. He has a covenant that is different than mine. He is called to a place and a role that is much different than mine. We are on this journey together, yes, but God requires him to care for souls in a different way than God requires of me.
I am coming to realize how much "service" this life of ministry requires. As stay at home moms knows-all day long I serve, serve, serve. And all day long my husband serves, serves, serves. Then he comes home and we have people in our home and serve, serve, serve. It's good work, rewarding work but its hard work. But we are so glad we are on this road and that God sees us fit for us to care for people's souls, care for people's marriages, care for peoples wounds and joys. What a joy!

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