Saturday, October 23, 2010

kick, kick, kick

sweet baby you kick, kick, kick all day long. you are only 14 ounces but you are strong. i can already see your movements. your kicks remind me. they remind me i am already a mama of 3. they remind me you're there and to eat well and sleep well. your kicks remind me to stay present. to not worry about the days ahead. the sleepless nights. 3 kids at my ankles. your kicks bring me back from my worry. my worry about graduation and finding a job and where we will move.
your kick, kick, kicks are much stronger than i remember your brother and sisters kicks. they dont hurt right now. just nudges to remind me to pray for you in there, while you grow strong. waiting just waiting to kick out in the world.
i cant wait to kiss your little toes.

Monday, October 18, 2010

fall is here to stay

enjoy these photos of our trip to pumkinland. i cant believe God gave us such cute kids!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

fight club

since january my hottie husband has been biking, swimming, and running. he's lost weight but that hasnt been the goal. its a good stress reliever and it helps him stay focused on his studies during the day if he runs in the mornings.
we have a membership to the y, but lately he's been running or biking from our house to a nearby park. its been glorious outside and he says he ends up writing alot of his sermons while he runs. which, to me, is pretty amazing, because when i run, all i think of is when i can stop. but this man, he writes sermons in his head. so since he hasnt been going to the y, he pick up a "mini gym" which consists of a pull up bar which turns into a thingy that helps with push ups and tri-cep thingys. anyway, the kids LOVE it and like to "work out" with daddy. {but i'd like to say they also love doing yoga with me!} i love passing down the importance of keeping healthy and why we need to exercise and eat right. we want to grow kids that love physical activity! here are some shots of Abraham building some strong muscles. isnt that the cutest thing ever?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

something in the water

it feels like around this neighborhood everytime you turn around a new baby is being born. showers galore! here are some pics from one of my dearest friends, jodi, who is due any day now.

i {heart} our seminary

one of the reasons i love covenant seminary is the way they are committed to the whole family. they understand that ministry as a family is hard. and that having a pastor as a husband and daddy can take its toll. they help you learn about how to do it well and while you are here, they serve you well. i take abraham to a parents morning out each week...for free!
also, they provide childcare for certain chapel weeks when different professors are preaching. and once a month they provide a parents NIGHT out. last year a couple of our neighbors and us started going together. we usually babysit for one another so its fun to put all our kids together (who love each other dearly) into the same childcare and go out to dinner. its become a very fun tradition!
our husbands were out of town so we were each others date!

suzanne and jimmy! our kiddos are the same age, except for their newest addition who came on our date night too!

mike and trish! their son noah is one week older than maggie and goes to the same school!

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