Monday, July 27, 2009

tower grove

there is an area of town called South City that I would love to live in if we were here longer. It has wonderful ethnic restaurants, old beautiful row homes, the botanical gardens and a wonderful park: Tower Grove Park. Even though there are a bunch of parks closer to us, there is something about this park that i really really like. Its huge with a boulevard down the middle that goes from end to end. Its got a ton of shade, a little lake where you can feed ducks, a playground that is shaded and this wonderful water spray. It is also a bit gritty which I really ilke.
We hadnt experience the water spray area so it was fun to try something new. Maggie LOVED it and kept running from spray to spray yelling, "I like this!" and Abraham would crawl to a water spout just in time to grab the water then it would go out and he would look bewildered and say, uh oh!
I didnt have my camera but they were having so much fun that I took a few with my phone. Not the best quality but you can still see there glee.
Have I told yall enough how much i LOVE st. louis????

We are missing the hubs around here but the kids get to talk to him on the computer, which is fun for them. We are doing ok!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


My blog has been quiet lately despite the swirl of life going on around us. But i have felt the need to post at least a little update on our family. I am currently watching two squirrels chase each other around on our deck, maggie dressing herself in a bathing suit thats a tad bit too small, and abraham trying to climb the couch.
I am pretty sure I gave birth to Evil Canevil (sp?). A few minutes ago I looked over and saw he had gotten on the couch and had climbed to the arm rest and was ready to jump off. I hope he is like a cat, and has nine lives, he'll need it.
Despite the enormous squirrel activity on our deck, some of my tomatoes are growing and my herb garden is flourishing. It's amazing how much fresh herbs make me want to cook things from scratch and this summer we have been eatin' good.

Although its been silent on the blog-we've been enjoying our summer so much. St. Louis is in the midst of some glorious weather and we have been running around as much as possible, playing with our neighbors, enjoying all the fun things St. Louis has to offer, & playing in our kiddie pool. I had the best weekend away with my oldest friends. We went to the beach and soak in some rays, rode bikes, and learned how to paddle board. Apparently I needed to get away because Abraham started sleeping through the night! So, after 13 months of broken sleep, we have been sleeping until at least 6 or 7 every morning! I cant tell you how wonderful that is and how broken sleep affects every aspect of your life. We are hoping this new pattern sticks. Now the next step is getting him and Maggie to sleep in the same room....but we are going to just enjoy this stage for now.

Matt leaves again for Europe tomorrow for a little over a week. So today we are preparing-laundry, getting the pantry stocked-all the things its hard to do with two little ones at my ankles. I'm off to enjoy our lazy summer day- we hope you enjoy your day too!

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