Thursday, May 10, 2012

waterfalls and more hiking

its been unseasonable warm here and we have loved it!!! last week we went with our close friends the Woods to the foothills where there is a waterfall. the snowmelt wasnt too strong and the kiddos got to get in the water. it was a perfect day!


our easter time was a sweet time with friends, church family, and our tiny family. on saturday we did a family easter egg hunt that i think we will continue every year. i had the kids go out in the yard and collect things that represented holy week. rocks for the tomb, leaves for palm sunday, wood for the cross....
things mojo and i stuffed the eggs with one piece of candy and one thing from holy week. so when the kids opened up the candy we were able to talk about each thing from that week. we had been reading a series of Lenten readings that our children's minister from our old church sent to us. so the kids were ready when they saw each thing from holy week. it was really fun! abe was concerned there would be no candy inside just branches and rocks!
 each kid that their own "empty tomb" egg

she loved her some chocolate!!!!

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