Monday, August 20, 2012

sand between my toes

there is still sand in frankie's hair. we've been home 3 days. i love it. we got to have a few glorious weeks in california to unplug from planting a church. it was great. we have family that have a cute little bungalow in swanky newport beach. they let us stay there while they were away. it was perfect family time. we walked to the beach everyday, made sand castles, ate out alot or i should say "In and Out" alot. mojo and i had great time to connect and talk when the kiddos went down and had a huge flat screen in front of our bed where we watched the olympics. we realized vacationing with a baby in tow is never "vacation" but i still was able to read two novels, matt and i went paddleboarding together, and i took the kids kayaking. oh, and mojo coached me through my first 5k!!! if you know me, that is a big BIG deal! he ran in front of me pushing a huge stroller with 3 kids in it and barely broke a sweat.
here is a glimpse of it...Thanks Maryann for letting us use your adorable home on the beach!!! 

                                taking in the view...

dinner on the newport pier! so fun!

this was taken right before a big wave came and almost swept Frankie away! abe was a superhero and grabbed her arm and kept her safe!

a few nights after dinner and after pjs were on we would walk down to the ocean and watch the sunset. it was amazing!!! i never tire of seeing that or the ocean.

riding one of those funky big bikes. i think it was more fun for us than the kids! but we loved it!

i wish i could just freeze them, they are so cute!!!!

red curls. yum.

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