Tuesday, February 09, 2010


so we've been putting Abraham on the potty at least once or twice a day. usually before and/or after bathtime. he has actually peed once! anyway, his favorite thing to do it pull toilet paper off the roll and stuff it between his legs. one day while doing that, he made up a new laugh and it had us rolling. enjoy! he is so cute with his curls, reminds me of a little hasidic jew!
Abraham, you keep us laughing!
click on this
i fixed this link. so hopefully this one will work!

Monday, February 08, 2010

orchid love

ever since i read this article in the National Geographic, I have been obsessed with Orchids.
Lucky for me, the Missouri Botanical Gardens is hosting a Orchid show with over 800 varieties of Orchids. I was in flower heaven. Mojo and I got to take a date there Saturday morning and it was a perfect day. It was snowy out, so it was kinda fun to walk through the gardens and see it so barren when I know in just a few short months it turns glorious.
We always love morning time dates, our brains function a bit better and I am able to dialogue about heavy theology topics. Also, I'm thankful for neighbors who swap babysitting!

this is not an edited photo. these orchids really are this bright that it kinda hurts your eyes. isnt that amazing?

mya turns 4!

its amazing to be this close in community with little ones. watching them be born, learn to walk and in Mya's case-learn to write her own name! its a privilege.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

first position

i find it fascinating how my talkative and funny child immediately clams up when others are around. she truly is her daddy's daughter! it takes her soooooo very long to warm up and be comfortable around other people. i am learning her personality and learning how to direct and encourage her. her shy personality allows her to be sensitive and thoughtful towards others so i am thankful for the way God made her.
thats why i am so very proud she loves her ballet class! she has to break that shell of hers and perform in front of people she doesnt know very well. the other little girls in her class are extremely outgoing and crazy and maggie was scared stiff during the first class. but she practiced all week and was excited to go back. way to go Maggie!

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