Monday, September 27, 2010

true love

i loved those pom poms so much that i had to keep them around. now they hang about maggie's bed as a mobile of sorts. it may even make a bunch of tiny ones to hang above the new babes bed.....too bad we dont know where we will be living...i got a ton of nursery ideas swirling! maggie got a ton of new dress up stuff from mimi and papa joe so now she has a new dress up corner on the right. every little girls dream.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

health tip: kefir

so about 6 months ago i started to see a integrative physician. that basically means he practices both conventional and natural medicine. i love him and never want to go back to a regular doctor! i was wanting help weaning off of zoloft and so he took a myriad of blood tests:
hormone levels, vitamin levels, neurotransmitters, and adrenal glands.
its pretty impressive what they can test! come to find out, i make zero serotonin which helps with depression and anxiety. so good to know and remember its just like diabetes. 
anyway, another little tidbit i learned is that 90% of serotonin is made in your intestines! and the best way to help your body work on making serotonin is making sure your intestines are working right. so what to do? well take probiotics of course! also, drinking kefir as much as possible. kefir is a yogurt type drink packed with probiotics. its pretty expensive so i started making it myself! go now and get some!
here is a website that has a good tutorial about how to make it yourself!


water guns, watermelon, limbo, and lemonade. all ways we celebrated my sweet daughter turning 4!!! i cant believe it. seems like yesterday she was a tiny baby in my arms. it felt so right to hold her and so normal to be her mama. we are so thankful for her tender heart and gentle spirit.
happy birthday dear one!

pretty sure watching little kids doing limbo is the cutest thing ever!

waiting patiently for cupcakes!

got this crafty idea from my california friend julie

and the pom pom idea came from martha

and the homemade icing came from my nashville friend tracy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mimi & papa joe

mimi and papa joe came to visit and brought along a favorite cousin, ellie. it was a whirlwind weekend filled with presents, good food, lots of hugs and kisses, cupcake making and sugar eating. maggie was so sad to see them go and kept asking when they would come back.

picnicing and playing at city gardents

my dear ellie has to sleep with an eye mask and she has all sorts of fashionable ones.

maggie in the midst of cupcake making with mimi and ellie

Monday, September 13, 2010


the painting incident that i referred to earlier this summer....oh my kids. they keep me busy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

first day at Covenant

here are a few pics of Maggie on her first day of Pre-k!!! She is going to Covenant Christian School and she loves it. In addition to regular Pre-k stuff, she is learning Spanish, Music, Art and Bible.
I am so proud of her, she is doing awesome and regularly says, Hola! Amigos!

{sorry for the poor quality, this was on my phone}

After we dropped Maggie off we took Abraham to eat chocolate chip pancakes. He had a blast but since then he has missed his sidekick during the day. He doesnt like to go to the YMCA or to his mom's morning out without her. he's still adjusting. He loves her and misses getting to pull her hair!!!

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

my ebenezer final installment

so i had been fine for weeks until i boarded a plane to see some dear college friends. as soon as the plane closed its doors i started getting panicky. if two large men werent sitting in between me and the door, i would have screamed, let me out of here! i started sweating and took of my scarf & jacket and drank a gallon on water in like one second. my heart was in my throat and i started thinking of ways to get off or at least not fly back home. i couldnt believe it. i love to fly. i have flown all over the world. and flown all ovet the world by. my. self.
here i was on a 45 min. flight flipping my lid. i mean, i have flown to africa by myself! i didnt know what to do, so i turned to the older man beside me and said, "i have flight anxiety i need you to talk to me."
he did not miss a beat. he put his magazine away and then proceeded to tell me his life's story. it was a beautiful thing to be cared for by a stranger. he knew not to ask too many questions but to keep me engaged. he knew to talk about non-stressful things. i wont forget this man (angel?) and how he ministered to me a dark and scary moment.
i was then cared for deeply by six girls who knew intimately struggles of anxiety. we laughed, we cried, we shared our lives. then it was time to board the plane again. i was so nervous i started throwing up. i did NOT want to do it alone. my dear friend got a pass to come with me to the gate. then she paid for me to upgrade to first class, which actually, makes a HUGE difference. i made it home and thought, never am i flying again. i'm done.
problem was, 6 days later i was suppose to board a plane to mexico with matt for our anniversary. we had never left the kids and everything was bought and paid for. i mean, who wouldnt get on the plane? but yall, it was a big struggle. i met with my counselor who said, if you dont get on this flight now its going to make every flight from now on infinitely harder. so i packed my xanax just in case and got a ton of bottles of water. our flight to mexico was bought with miles and our seats werent together. anxiety was mounting until i sat down on the aisle next to an older couple and the man said, i may need to switch with you i am claustrophobic. i said, "dont worry i have some xanax." he laughed and said, "i have some valium." then he proceeds to tell me his 30 year struggle with panic attacks on planes. he remembers each one like it was yesterday. we talked for the 3 hours to cancun about his struggle. he had never been to see a counselor, he just suffered through it for 30 years. i was able to tell him how normal it was, how common, what happens to his body, why he feels the way he does, things he could do to make himself feel better. in essence, it was a 3 hour counseling session with a dear man who truly wanted to be able to be free from panic attacks. again, it was like God was reaching down and allowing me to be apart of someone's healing even in the midst of my own pain. neither of us needed medicine that day. and i have been fine (relatively) on flights ever since.
its been 9 months since that trip and since my last bout with panic. that season did wonderful things for my outlook on life and even greater changes in our marriage. things that needed changing but would have taken years of everyday life to make things better. but crisis speeds things up a bit and i am so very thankful.
but anxiety creeps up on me, sometimes out of the blue, sometimes during stressful times. but what i am finding is that deep below each of us are fears. sometimes that are masked very neatly so that others never know. sometimes, like in my case, they just bubble over to the surface. but fear resides in each of our hearts and thats the daily battle we must face. To trust God who we don't see. To believe in His greater story for our lives. To trust that in midst hard times he doesnt leave us.
The most repeated phrase in the Bible is "Do not Fear!" its no wonder that for thousands of years people have needed to hear that. Don't fear, I have a plan. Don't fear, I will redeem this ugly situation. Don't fear, youre not alone.
It really is a journey and I am happy to be on it.

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