Wednesday, January 19, 2011

snow babies

these kids love the snow! i feel like kids never really get cold, or at least dont mind it. me, my toes and fingers are numb within minutes. ah well! such is the commitment to having fun! a few weeks ago there was a huge snow storm and we had snow on the ground for ages. mojo took the kids sledding like everyday. he loves it as much as they do. one day we went out to forest park, the big hill had been well loved by some crazy sledders. but my kids joined in too! you can tell by the pictures how cold it was. after a bit, i just sat in the van with my seat warmer on!

here the kids are yelling, "snow!!!!" you can tell how much fun they are having. i love it.

as you can tell, we were the only crazy people out there that day. the tiny specks at the bottom of the hill are the kids and daddy.

running for joy at the notion of going down hill again!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

6 years!

mojo and i slipped away to the mountains for two nights to a little b & b on a huge cliff with a fireplace in the room. mojo got a kindle for christmas, so we read and read and read....and ate, and ate, and ate. and slept in of course. we also saw two movies while were gone- all the things we really cant do while taking care of two kids.

our little babes got sick while we were gone but the 'rents held down the fort  and allowed us to ring in the new year cozied up in our bed with the fireplace roaring. happy 6 years babe-so glad we are on this journey together!

Monday, January 10, 2011

christmas eve

this is maggie's new pose. apparently she thinks is the way she should stand to be 'cute.'

the rest of our break

when we werent finding out the gender of our new babe, we spent tons of cousin time together. the kids ran around in the snow during our WHITE christmas:) i baked alot with the budding chef ellie, we had girls days and the guys had guys nights. we watched movies on my parents enormous flat screen and i got to nap, nap, nap. glorious.
i sewed these aprons for when the guys enter their chili cook off contests:)

my sister, Sarah and brother's baby Harmony

Atti and his new spray gun

Mrs. Claus' apron

too excited about all the gifts!

uncle bro and the baby who can fall asleep anywhere

sweet cousins

brownie christmas tree creation

santa claus hat brownie bites that ellie and i did

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

too much fun

 anticipating cutting the cake!

voting for 'a boy'

voting that its 'a girl!'

my sister pulls out the knife with pink icing!

mojo being sooo excited!
 sarah pulling out the first piece of cake! it's a girl!

abraham a little more excited about the cake then the announcement!

8 more weeks until we meet her!

Monday, January 03, 2011

annual dinner

every year my siblings and my cousins get together for dinner, laughs, and heckling. this year we had pre-dinner drinks at a new hot east nashville place and then headed out to my cousin micah's where he and his fiance surprised us by getting our dinner catered at their home. they decorated it like an indian restaurant and we sat on the floor with pillows. lots of laughs, lots of memories. i'm thankful for a family where we are committed to one another, laugh with one another and share in joys and sorrows. its such a rarity, and i do not take it for granted.

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