Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mama and "Mama?"

Try as she might, Maggie just cant say her name yet. But oh she tries. Whenever she sees her picture or herself in a mirror she says, Mama? and I point to myself and say Mama and then point to her and say Maggie. and then she'll say Mama? She really believes she is saying Maggie.
My wordsmith can say:
Night night
Bye bye
Woof Woof
What's That? (kinda)
More please (but it sounds more like more cheese)
Nose (she points to your nose but is more like Noooo)
Oh, and of course No! (which she is using more frequently....)
GENIUS ALERT**** After completing this entry, Mojo and I were talking and I ended a sentence with "alot of books." Maggie looked at her daddy and said, "books!" Mojo and I looked at each other and said, Maggie did you say books? And since then all afternoon, she repeats and says perfectly, Books! Books! Books!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dog+Baby+Timer=Bad Family Photos

So a few weeks ago during beautiful weather, we decided to go take some fall family photos. We took a walk on a trail in Shelby Bottoms where we could let Harriet run free and take some good photos. Well, it was a great idea, but alas, not one good shot. Maggie of course had no idea where to look and Harriet was just too excited to sit still. It was a fun day nonetheless....


So Harriet's new retreat is Maggie's Crib. She did that when Maggie was tiny but since we lowered the crib, she stopped for a while. well, the recent thunder has caused her to somehow figure out how to get under that tiny space. its pretty cute.

updating: St. Louis

So I never wrote about our fun trip to St. Louis in the beginning of November. I LOVE that city. It is so beautiful in fall, all the streets are lined with beautiful trees...all the houses are beautiful. The financial district is filled with yummy bakeries...and best of all, everything is Free! The zoo, the museums...its great! I am a lover of zoos and we went for a short time while we were there. Maggie was AMAZED at all the animals. Her eyes looked like they were gonna come out of her head. And she said "woof woof" at every animal she saw. And the sweet thing is, when we were back at the car, she was talking a mile a minute and every once in a while would say woof woof. And we knew she was saying, "Guys, did you see that Rhino? and did you take a look at the hippos? they are amazing!"
didnt take many photos..but here are some of maggie looking at the animals and of the beautiful Forest Park and Art Musuem.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

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