Sunday, February 26, 2012

sweet baby

this sweet baby turned ONE! i had every intention of sending out her birth announcement to everyone i know. i did one mass mailing and then i never got it together enough to send another one. so if you didnt get one. here it is, one year later!

Sarah-Frances Shalom Morginsky
Long name huh? Well, her name has a lot of heritage and we want to share with you where her name came from.
Sarah is for Sharon’s older sister Sarah. She is dedicated to making people laugh, a truth seeker, a writer and teacher, witty, a lover of Jesus, and comfortable with the messiness of life. We hope Frankie grows into these traits too.
Frances is for Matt’s grandpa Francis (they called him Frank). Frank was married to Grandma Emily for over 60 years. He was loyal, faithful, devout, loved good food and good wine and provided well for his family. He was a great role model for Matt when he was growing up. Frankie will be carrying on a great Italian legacy by carrying his name.
Shalom is Hebrew for peace. But its much more than that. It means ‘wholeness.’ There will be a day when all wrongs will be made right and all sadness will be replaced with joy. In seminary we have seen the brokenness of the ourselves and sickness, friends’ marriages breaking, children with chronic illnesses, friends losing children...all the ugly things of life. But we have also seen glimpses of shalom...the beauty of a new baby, the care of neighbors for one another, people coming to know God, making bread for friends, flowers growing, snow falling, feeling love from each other...this is a glimpse of wholeness...when God will make the earth NEW and relationships will be restored and all the brokenness of this earth will be made un-broken. We hope Frankie, as well as all of you, experience shalom in your life and are givers of peace in all you do.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


we hosted a fun cocktails and dessert party for a bunch of people in our church. this was my attempt at a fun "photo booth"!

Friday, February 10, 2012

ice skating!

yall, it was such a fantastic afternoon. a bunch of families from church got together and went ice skating in the middle of downtown and then went out to eat after. All day Abraham said he didnt want to do it but then saw Maggie and the little "walker" they gave her. They both did FANTASTIC! after about 10 mins of the walker, they both ditched it and went skating on their own! (they had double blade ice skates!)
I think this will be a family tradition! (excuse abe's girly attire. i had forgotten his hat and gloves so he neeeded mine:)

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