Friday, March 23, 2012

first sugar

the making of the cupcakes

tentative of course, but loved it once she was into it!

mimi and papa joe time!

the sweet grandparents got to come out for Frankie's birthday. it was the last cold week in denver (although i am sure it will snow again soon in no time). we had a full week of visiting new sites in the city and the parents spoiling us with going out to eat and cleaning up the breakfast dishes while i got to stay in bed-yes please!

the very cool downtown aquarium!

frankie amazed at the fish.

we also went to the science museum

this was a very cold day in breckenridge. we took the lift up the mountain to get a view of everything. so fun!


thanks for coming and share our week, mimi and papa joe!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

frankie says relax!

my sweet college friend, shannon, snapped these pictures of frankie's birthday party. fun was had by all!
I made a "time capsule" for the guests to write notes to Frankie to open when she is 30....send her a note if you want me to put it in there!

present time!

Sophie was a hit, Aunt Nikki!

Shannon, the photog
Harriet, asleep in the middle of a party.

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