Monday, November 29, 2010

a glimpse

here is a glimpse of the fun family time we had in nashville. too much good food. glad i am pregnant. lots of naps (for me!) and late nights for the kids and their cousins. christmas decorating. laughing. family skits. more laughing. i heart the holidays!!!!

we ate outside on the screen in porched. right when we said the blessing it started to pour down rain. it was chilly but actually we all loved listening to the rain.

decorating the tree with mimi

 our crazy family on my dad's firetruck. random, i know.

Friday, November 19, 2010

halloween, finally

a little late but here is the cuteness you've been waiting for!

maggie saw this make up in a kids craft book and wanted it immediately! she LOVED getting her face painted and the whole dress up part. i hope she stays so sweet!

neighbor kiddos ready to hit the street!

this was Abe's attitude all night. he did NOT want to wear a costume and let us know it. so i gave him his paci and his blanket and said he was Linus from Peanuts.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

soaking in st. louis

is it weird that i am missing st. louis before we have even left? i keep thinking, oh this is the last fall here. or, not many more warm days before it gets too cold for the zoo {although the zoo in the winter is my favorite time to go...}
i just LOVE this city. i love the water falls everywhere (even in the target entrance!), i love that there is a park on every  corner, i love getting to expose the kids to the 4 seasons at the Gardens. i love the big buildings and the old houses. i love the coffee shop with the play area.
i love dreaming of where we might end up  next year but i wish i could take st.louis with us.

we headed to the art museum one cloudy blustery day to enjoy the quiet and beauty.
my two favorites of the museum. maggie now knows who painted the water lilies. her budding art career is already starting!

and of course, my favorite sculpture in the whole world!

we then headed to the botanicals to take in the fall colors and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

 i love this pic because it looks like the sheep are moving!

stop it. they are the cutest arent they????

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