Wednesday, June 29, 2011

20 yrs later...

when kim and i were 13 we met on our high schools cheerleading team. she liked me b/c i had good jumps, and i liked her long blond hair. my jumps arent as good anymore but kim's hair still long. this month our 13 yr. old selves would have been so happy. our children met for the first time. she had twins 3 weeks before Abraham was born. so needless to say, our lives have been too crazy to get our families together. but we had 24 hours together and our kiddos went CRAZY for each other and we hardly saw them as they ran around and played together. it was beautiful! then our two other besties from high school joined us for dinner and late night talking. they are still wild and crazy but oh so good as aunties.

college girlfriends

once a year, our friend from college, makes a trek back from china where she lives and we all decend upon a city and hang out. friday night we eat in and stay up way too late talking. then we usually stay in our pjs all day on saturday until we get ready to go out to eat Saturday night. this time, three babies were present (although only Frankie is in the picture). we dont do much except eat and talk. its perfect.


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Graduate

(this is sam, they were interns together at Memorial Pres.)

(this is Andy, you'll see more of him in the future. we are starting the church in denver with him and his family)

 (this is jimmy, mojo's basketball and settlers buddy)

(this is josh (another basketball buddy) and bryan (next door neighbor and mya's daddy)

 (and their cute wives)

 (sorry for the funky red eye reduction....this is Dr. Byers and his sweet Texas wife)

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