Monday, July 30, 2007

All is quiet

All doesnt seem to be quiet enough for me to finish a post. So heres an unfinished post i started weeks ago...:)

Maggie is eating lentils and drinking apple juice so I have a minute to quiet. Lentils are so tiny that she loves to pick them up and eat them and I love it because it keeps her entertained. The Morginsky front has been fairly calm these past weeks as I've huddled up to finish papers and tie loose ends for school. 8 days and counting.
Mojo is busying getting the boys ready for easy feat. Maggie's favorites these days are: Eddie Teddy, pulling everything out of my purse, and "singing" along as Mojo and I sing her the catechism songs.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Atlanta Love

Here are my Bffs from college: in no particular order...Shannon, Shannon, Sally, Sara, Krissy, Sally, Deborah.
Our kids: Lainey, John Stanley, James, and Maggie!

Family Beach Photos

4th of July Cousin Fun

The Last Few Weeks

Maggie is down for her morning nap and I am drinking my first cup of coffee. This morning I didnt wake up until 8:45!!! Our dog was making noise and so I was surprised Maggie wasnt up yet. I put my head in the hallway to listen and heard her crying. For you moms, you'll know the feeling-i was like, crap! how long had she been crying???
Anyway, the Morginskys have had a fun filled month. It started with Mojo speaking at a camp in Ohio. He had a blast even though it was like 110 degrees. Towards the end of the week of him being gone, my sister and her family came into town. They stayed with me for a few days. Then it was my brother wedding, which was a few days of family and fun. Then my sister, her husband dave and their kiddos-Ellie and Atticus went to Santa Rosa Beach, Fl for the week. My parents came half way through the week. I read a great book by whoa, i blanked on the author. Anyway, great book:) And I got through a good bit of the last book of the Space Triology. It was a such a relaxing and fun week. We ate so good! DAve cooked us steak, shrimp, scallops, pasta, wine, great bread, etc...We spent a ton on groceries but we had a great time eating! The pool was just a few steps from our back door so I was able to go lay out while maggie was napping- another huge plus!!! There was a veranda on the second floor so Matt was able to read and smoke his pipe to his hearts content. And it was a great time with the niece and nephew and Maggie playing with them. She thinks they are awesome! The Mojos left Florida early to head to Atlanta for a college wedding. It was a good time with new husbands, new babies and the first time we've all stayed in a hotel together. We got a couple suites and stayed up talking and laughing. now we're just trying to get back into a routine. Matt is teaching at Barefoot Republic camp for the next two weeks, I'm working alot and Maggie is perhaps teething? Although i've been saying that for months...still no teeth. But she is crawling and thats a bunch of fun! Here are some pics of from the wedding:

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