Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Summer Recap before it snows here!

We have a free night which is a rarity around here these days. Plus, I'm severely under the weather with sore throat, achy, etc. so Matt is cooking. So I find myself on the couch and though it would finally be a good time to check everyone up!

The summer was gloriously slow. The older kids took tennis lessons a few days a week and also swim lessons most of the summer. So we were either at the tennis courts or at the pool which was a perfect way to spend the days.

A major major plus to our new house is that we can WALK to our community pool. One thing about me is that I get very snippy as a mom when getting everyone in the car. So having the luxury of a great double stroller where we'd thrown all our pool supplies and lunch and spend a few hours at the pool every day. glory.

We didnt take any vacations b/c Mojo started a new church as Asst. Pastor at Denver Pres. So, so great for us. But very busy! This new church will afford us the ability to take a large core group out when we plant and financially be at a better place when we plant too.

Abe turned 5!! We celebrated, of course, with a pool party!

Hanging out at our favorite ice cream shop!

 Nothing better than camping with friends!

Working on the house....

our hiking trips are never complete unless Frankie gets naked. yall, she wears me out!

Grandpa came to visit for Maggie's 7th!!!

Her girl classmates....3 of them have daddy's as pastors. Easiest party ever! Loved it!

AND! that brings us to the end of summer and beginning of school! 

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