Wednesday, May 22, 2013

temporary trials

our lives have been up in the air lately. our job is up in the air, our living situation is up in the leaves me unsettled.
we put an offer on a short sale in december and still havent closed on it! we decided enough is enough and decided to rent it until the short sale closes. problem is, this house is a fixer upper and we obviously arent going to fix things up until its definitely ours.
so in may 1 we moved in....

after we finished unpacking completely, we promptly found out that the house is infested with bed bugs. it is unnerving to say the the past week we've REPACKED our entire house so that it can get treated and we live in limbo. all packed up while all the bugs die....

i cant tell you how much we love the back yard though. we eat all our meals outside in this glorious colorado weather. 


kids rom

living room

we have ALOT of work to do soon as we take care of the bug issue and as soon as we purchase this darn thing. we are learning patience, dealing with banks will do that to you. trusting God in his timing. but i can tell you this: We have never felt more *right* in an area of town before. this area is so US its ridiculous. even having people over, they say, oh this house is so you! it makes us happy to come home, to this street, to this area that we feel called too. It's a wonderful feeling to know your exactly where you need to be.

a glimpse of our days....

so these days are flying by and with instagram and facebook, blogging just feels like an internet overload of the morginskys. but i realize not all my close friends are on instagram and not everyone (just betsy) is on facebook.
so let me update you on our crazy two months that has passed.
snow came and went all the way until through April!

we spent lots of time at the local library

we spent an amazingly beautiful spring day at Garden of the Gods

Kara started to grow hair after chemo

Frankie try to figure out Easter Egg hunting 
I spent Easter morning nursing Maggie back to health

I finally got around to decorating Frankie's room!

We celebrated with best friends on a new house for them

Maggie became obsessed with reading

we went on a glorious hike when Suzanne came to visit! (which i cant find the pic of her and me! grrr)

said to goodbye to one of my closest friends here

had a wonderful mothers day b/c i have wonderful kids!

being a stay at home mom in colorado is pretty epic

end of the year recitation at their Classical school. 

Frankie continues to keep me on my toes!

Cheering their dad on!

Matt ran a marathon to support the kids school! so proud of him!!!

Abe's last day of pre-k with Miss Kate!

Maggie LOVED kindergarten! She is made for school!

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