Wednesday, September 28, 2011

denver or bust?

there are a lot of things going on but i thought i would pause and write about the emotions heading into tomorrow. problem is, there hasnt been alot of time to process our move. leading up to this week i was so very excited but now there isnt a whole lot of time to do much thinking at all.
so here goes nothing. the car is packed and we are headed on a 3 day journey across the country!!!
rocky mtns. here we come!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

summer reading

my summer reading list has been growing and growing. i have been consuming because a)there is nothing on tv this summer and b)my sleeping as all been off. my tiny little girl is not the best sleeper to say the least. so i am up all hours of the night and then Mojo takes her at 6ish and i sleep for a couple uninterrupted hours (if the other kiddos are kind enough to not come in and jump on me.) but then i am not tired enough to go to sleep at 10 or 11 so then i stay up reading and then the cycle begins all over. so although i am tired most of the day, at least i am getting some good reading done!

here is my list of what i have read so far:

Persian Girls-autobiographical of life in Iran as a young girl wanting an education.
When Katie Wakes-another autobiography of a woman in a domestic violence situation who adopts a dog (Katie) and that dog helps her get out of the situation.
The Tipping Point-Malcolm Gladwell-he wrote the next three books and calls them "intellectual adventures". They have been by far my favorite non-fiction of the summer. so Good! and the sociologist in me just loves all the research he presents. a must read (all three!). Tipping point is about what makes trends and epidemics happen...what is the "tipping point" in those situations.
Blink- how our intuition and the few seconds we assess something in a "blink of an eye" is usually correct. fascinating!
The Outliers- what makes a successful person. its not just people who work the hardest and can pull themselves up with their boot straps.
Hunger Games-um, totally awesome. I read all three of these books in the Hunger Games Triology in one week. apparently they are making them into movies. i cant wait! so fun!!! and although they are in the young adult category, like Harry Potter, they are a bit gorey and i wouldnt recommend them at all to anyone under 18. they are so good though! a perfect vacation read.
Catching Fire
Mockingjay (my favorite of the series)

I also read numerous CIA novels but they arent worth mentioning. I mean, they are my favorite kind of go-to book but not really blog worthy. As you can imagine, I spent a bundle on my kindle buying these books. its too easy! I am looking forward to having a library card very, very soon.

Monday, September 05, 2011

my SWEET kiddos

arent they just edible? my stellar kiddos.

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