Saturday, January 24, 2009

socially conscious baby

these grapes & peas bought at Gapbaby are made by a company called "Under the Nile" and they use "13 villages" to produce these wonderful chew toys for teethers. what i love about them is its all fair trade work...from the Gap! Wonderful!
i love seeing him play with his grapes, peas, and strawberries...knowing that it employed people from all over the world! global minded baby!
(i call this first one...faux hawk in the making)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

falala, lala, la la

maggie & abraham lucked out on having such wonderful grandparents. they all showered the kiddos with gifts. here are a few pictures of the wee ones opening presents. we are so thankful! excuse me, but are they not the cutest kids ever?

this apron was HANDMADE by maggie's GREAT grandmother...isnt it beatutiful? she even monogrammed it herself! i know we'll treasure this for year & years to come.

could i be any cuter?

maggie loved the signature on the baby's bottom. she kept wanting to see it. we call her Jenny. after she got her out of the box she immediately put her in her highchair and "fed" her. love it!

which one do i play with?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

christmas past

here is a glimpse of our christmas break. it was filled, every night, with something family fun. we got to see lots of folks from east nashville, eat at our favorite indian restaurant (a few times), and have some really good home cooked meals too.
maggie couldnt get enough of her cousins and we're so glad she is in love with them like we are!
somebody gave sarah a "grill" or maybe that was for the kids..

daddy & uncle josh rocking out with the ukelele

maggie walked around with this camera to her eye for a good portion of the morning.

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