Saturday, May 19, 2007

We are Orinthologists

So we have become orinthologists by default lately. We have become well versed in the habits of pigeons and finches. Not because we like birds (I think they are dirty) but because they now are "renters" on our porch. Back when there was a frost in April I went to bring in my ferns and realized that little finches had taken up residence in the bushes. I felt obligated to leave them there b/c one) they had started to build nests and two) they surely would get cold with no where to lay there head that cold evening. Since then my ferns are half dead but their is tiny little finches growing on our porch. I am careful not to disturb as I carefully water the plant as I try to keep the alive half of my fern alive.
Then along came the pigeons. Mojo tried three times to foil their plans to take residence on our porch, but he failed. He figured after the third attempt to let them be b/c they seem to really love the spot. Now mother pigeon spends her days watching and waiting for her little ones to come. It seems that the word has gotten out that this is THE house for birds. For two years in a row chimney sparrows have built nests in our chimney which end up falling down into our living room. For two years I have mothered the little ones (which happen to be the loudest bird species). One year I took them to the delightful animal rehab place called Walden's really is a sanctuary for critters! Anyway, I think they spread the word that we dont like birds but we will take care of them if they inhabit our property...
I look at other houses with the same porches and the same ferns but they keep coming to ours! We have four ferns (four ruined ferns) each with a nest and some babies....They know I am a new mothers myself and cant help leave them be.
So, bird poop and dead ferns cloud my view but Mother Nature finds me as a friend.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Summer Reading List

As most of you know, I have been working as a school based therapist for graduate school. Well, as the year winds down, the kids are winding UP! Most days its mayhem and my sessions end up being about who hit who and why. Anyway, I took two kids to the library the other day to give them a break as they were heating things up. As they looked up their favorite rap artists on the web and proceeded to play the videos loudly...I took a breathier a wandered through the tiny volume of books they have. I decided to make myself a a summer reading list. So much of my brain power lately has been taken up with reading that I HAVE to do so I decided to give myself a list of books to be completed by the end of summer. Most of the books I read in high school and are still classics and I am excited to read again, some I never have and am looking forward to sitting on my back porch and have lazy summer days. I am actually thinking of purchasing all of them because one day I am sure Maggie will be required (or want) to read them. Here's my list. Give me suggestions and let me know if you have any books that you like to pull out in the summer....

Things Fall Apart
A raisan in the sun
Farenheit 451
A Separate Peace
Heart of Darkness
As I lay dying
The Pearl
The house of Mango Street
The chosen (one of my favs!)
Anne Frank:Diary of a young girl

Monday, May 14, 2007

more pics of Mothers day

Mother's Day Love

Lots of happenings since I last posted. I have a post ready to put up regarding having some great friends come through to visit and our trip to Philly. But here are some sweet Mother's day photos! For some reason blogger is giving me trouble with photo layouts so you'll have to turn your head to see some of these!

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