Wednesday, April 06, 2011

mile high family

so the big news is....we are moving to denver!!! we will be planting a Presbyterian Church in the city center where there are hardly any churches. (planting is christian speak for starting a new church).
once matt finishes up his Masters we head to Nashville for about 6 weeks or more until we raise funds for our salary. (since this is a new church there is no congregation to support the pastor...after 3 years the church will, Lord willing, be self sustaining).
we are VERY excited about this new adventure as a family. we are also very thankful we have a job in this climate. we are a bit sad to be so far away from friends and family but we'll have a guest room waiting!!!! come visit us...often!!!
pray for us for all that we have to do in the coming weeks and months. big transitions ahead.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

bucket list

so its pretty overwhelming when i think about it but we only have about 8 weeks left until we move. ahhhh!!!! we have LOVED every second of st. louis and really good live here forever. we love the parks, the free attractions, the city life...its great.
but considering i moved with an 8 week old and now have another 5 week old, there are things i have wanted to do but havent been able to. so i have a st. louis bucket list. we haev decided we are just going to start paying babysitters so we can stay out more than 2 hours and scratch some things off this list!
during spring break we were able to scratch one off the list: the sculpture garden. the other things that i want to do are:
visit the Bush Brewery, have brunch at the Art Museum on a Sunday, take a row in the row boats on Art Hill, drink a Pale Ale at Schafly Bottleworks, go to the City Museum....
st. louis friends-what else am i missing? anyone want to go with me to these things?

we also hit up the botanical gardens during spring break.....i will miss this place so much!!!

3 weeks

ok, so she is 5 weeks old, so i am a little behind....its to be expected right?
she loves all things snuggle. loves to be held and smiles up a storm these days...her whole face lights up. its awesome.

(this is her face learning how to smile...too cute!)

just want to eat her up!

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