Tuesday, June 19, 2012

big girl!

so my baby has entered her first real sport! tennis! maggie takes lessons twice a week now and is loving it! how cute is she?

california sunshine

we often go to california. we used to go a few times a year, now with kiddos it ends up being about once a year. but this year we did things a little different-- we DROVE to california! i was super excited to be close enough for it to be manageable and also to get to see parts of the country i havent seend before. it really was beautiful. mojo was busy making a record while we were out there and kiddos and i were busy seeing family, seeing friends and digging our heals into the sand. glory! 

nothing is cuter than a baby on the beach and she's a redhead!!!

                                       first full body sand cover up!

somewhere in utah. i can already tell this is going to be a classic picture we look at for decades.

                                                    for one glorious hour they all slept.

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