Friday, August 24, 2007

Glorious Vacation

We are headed here tomorrow! Amazing!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We have an acquaintance with a daughter two months younger than Maggie who has been battling cancer for half of her sweet life. Her name is Amelia. You can pray for her. Her parents are Steve and Jen.
After reading their blog about surgeries and set backs, it made me want to remind myself (and the World Wide Web) the small daily things I am thankful for. To often I forget that in fact, Maggie is God's child. I want to say Mine, when it comes to her. But each day I need to be thankful for her sharing our lives.
I am also thankful for her eagerness to learn and explore. Although its still fun to chase her around and laugh when she pulls out everything of the diaper bag, I know one day I'll be tired of putting everything back. I want to stay thankful for her sweet eagerness in life and her ability to amaze us each day with the new things she does and learns.
I am thankful for our air conditioning and a car that works. And our beautiful house that has enough room for many many more children...but I already feel like we are bulging at the seams. Right now in Bihar India, most families are living a top railroad tracks because of the flooding from monsoons. some may have plastic and bamboo to call their home.
I am thankful for organic creams and lotions and I am a little less worried about the toxins in our baby's body. And for organic cleaners and detergents so this germaphobe and worry wort (a lethal combination) can sleep a little better at night. I'm thankful for our dog Harriett. I've been so annoyed with her lately because of the constant vaccuming I have to do. But already she's become a great companion to Maggie and Maggie truly adores her.
I'm thankful for a husband who serves and cleans and changes diapers (and i suspect a little more than most men). It's easy to serve a chubby baby, its not so easy to serve a wife who is pretty grumpy until her two cups of coffee are had....and even then, she may not be that sweet. But he does it with a glad heart.
It's easy to take things for granted when your life is filled with happiness. A person with a thankful heart is the most beautiful person around. I hope to remember that a little more often even when each night, things cant seem to be better. God is good.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

11 months old!

I turned 11 months old the other day! I'm getting so big and my hair is growing so long, I look almost like a toddler. I make my parents laugh ALOT these days. We have so much fun playing games, like "Where's Maggie!"...I'm pretty much the happiest baby around...

First Sermon

My wonderful husband preached his first sermon last weekend. I being the proud wife, took a picture. You can hear it online probably in a few days at

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