Saturday, December 30, 2006

Annual "kids" dinner

Christmas night!

My sister and cousins kate and stacey

Baby's first christmas

Cousin Stacey and Sarah

christmas day!

My brother in law, Dave reading the Christmas story to his kids, Ellie and Atticus.

My brothers Josh and Dave

My sister Sarah and her son Atticus

Me and my pretty niece Ellie

Family Christmas photo

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is always fun around our house. Mojo and I had a big breakfast at our house (the classic german pancakes and blackberries & raspberries). after we opened presents from our west coast family we watched my favorite Christmas movie Love Actually (watch it! but it has some bad scenes...but its great!) We made coffee and stayed in our pjs and watched the movie on our computer in bed. Then my cousins Micah and Dave came over and we hung out until it was time to get ready for Maggie's baptism. Later after the service we had a big dinner at my parents house and got new christmas pjs. Maggie had her first BIG laugh with her cousin Ellie. She had laughed with me once but Ellie made her laugh very loud and hard. it was a wonderful sound to hear. She has a great laugh!!! We spent the night and woke up to Ellie and Atticus singing Christmas caroles at our door. Here is Maggie in her new Christmas Pjs and the pretty house awaiting Santa.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Child of the Covenant

On Christmas Eve our sweet daughter was baptized. We couldnt have picked a more precious day for this sacrament. Our entire east coast family was there and my dad assisted in the baptism. The service was a 4 oclock service andthere were readings that various people in the church read and we sang hymns in between. Craig, our pastor, was able to give alot of time to the baptism and discussing what the sacrament means and what a covenant child is. Sweet Mags fell asleep during the song right before the baptism and slept through the whole thing even when the water was placed on her head. So sweet!!! It was a really holy & important moment that cant really be described. It just seems really surreal to answer the questions that the pastor asked Mojo and me. I've watched so many people do the same with their children. Craig officiated our wedding and our vows to each other and God and it seemed right for him to be the person to lead us in this new vow to raise Maggie in a christian home. It truly was a blessed day.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We love bath time!

One of maggie's favorite things is to take a bath. here we are in a our matching pink bathrobes getting ready for bathtime. As soon as Mags gets in the water she starts kicking like crazy! She gets a real intense look on her face and kicks until we take her out. I'd post some pictures of bath time but I never cared for those types of photos, so you'll have to trust me. She's gonna take after her papa and be a swimmer...

Christmas Fun!

We hosted our Neighborhood group's christmas party this week. i forgot to take pictures of people so here are some pictures of some non-people. fyi, peppermint sticks in hot chocolate melt and make a yummy drink!

We started off this week by going to meet Santa (who happens to be Maggie's Papa joe. good thing for Maggie!)

just like her daddy

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


the finished product....

sweet Mags tired from all the fun.

this morning i made German pancakes for breakfast. after our coffee we kept our p.js on and started decorating the house. We pulled out the christmas vinyl to get us in the spirit. With the sounds of Joan Boaz, Nat King Cole, Bing and Johnny we got our sweet little tree all dressed up for Christmas.

the hunt for the perfect tree.

First night in crib

Last night Mags slept in her crib in her own room! she has been sleeping in the moses basket next to our bed but I think it was starting to hinder her sleeping through the night. She went 9 hours between eating! Hooray for her own crib!

high school bf's

my sweet friends from Ga came to meet little Mags this weekend. they showered her with love and kisses all weekend.

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