Sunday, October 23, 2011

a little bit of this

i feel a need to back track a bit and tell you about Maggie's 5th birthday! i'm a lame mom and didnt blog about it! plus, my camera is broken and all the good pictures our on my dad's camera. but i want to write it down for memory's sake.
Maggie had a choice to do a birthday party with friends or a girls day with me and a family party. Much to my happiness she choose a girl day with her Mama! So we both got pedicures. She liked it but not as much as I did! I dont think her feet hurt like mine do so she didnt get the whole soak your feet in hot water thing. It was fun to do with her though! Then we went and got lunch at Panera and then went to a fancy cupcakery and picked out fancy girly cupcakes. Then we went and picked up Abraham and went and saw Cars 2. It was so good! Definitely better than the first Cars. It was the middle of the day in the middle of the week and we had the whole theatre to ourselves. That made it super fun and the kids could keep switching seats and it didnt matter.
Then we had Mellow Mushroom pizza, had her cousins over and more cupcakes and presents!
It was a really special day!

the past two weeks have been filled with new adventures and beautiful weather. we went to the children's garden which sit atop of a 4 story parking garage. sounds weird but its huge and has amazing views for the mtns. there is a river with "spring melt" and an area to dig dirt. who knew a pile of dirt and some shovels could entertain the kids for so long? they seriously played happily for over 30 mins. digging in the same spot!

we have been the denver zoo. and i did not take pictures because i am pretty sure all of denver was there that day (free day). we will be skipping free days from now on and just going straight for the membership! any grandparents out there want to get us a membership so this mama doesnt have to fight 5 million people to see a zebra?

also, another pretty great thing is one of my closest college friends is here! she moved to denver back in the early spring and lives only a few miles away! she is a nanny so a few days ago we had a play date with the twins she watches and my kiddos. she is also a photographer and took these great photos....
this is me trying to climb up a rope. seriously, where has my upper body strength gone?

it really is so much sunnier here. you have to sunglasses at all times! its wonderful!!!!

then yesterday we took the kiddos on their first hike in Boulder. what a great city! we did like a half mile up the mtn. but it was a tough hike for sure! and it was stunning!

it's amazing here folks! come visit!!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

we're here.

we're here. tired and ready. happy and sad. denver greeted us with uncharacteristically hot weather. with no A/C in our house, we spent the first few days covered in sweat and up to our ears in boxes.

the boxes slowly became unpacked. and the weather slowly became cool. it actually snowed a bit too. as you can imagine, my sinuses are having a field day going back and forth like this.

we are enjoying getting to know the city and slowly feeling our way around in the midst of work and boxes and three kids. we have been on the search for the closest coffee shop (one block) and library (5 blocks) and yoga studio (half a block). it quite perfect actually. and its a privilege to drive out of our garage and see the mountains! The Rockies! Covered in snow!

It hasnt hit us yet. We are just going through the motions of setting up shop and taking care of the kids. Our house gets amazing sunshine throughout the day so it has provided much happiness as we trudge through the difficulty of moving states.

So we're here at least physically. Our hearts arent here yet, although we know it will get here soon. How could it not? We're exactly where God called us.

very Frank lloyd Wright, no?

 afternoon sunshine
into the dining room

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