Saturday, March 31, 2007


Loving the outdoors

I am proud to announce that Maggie loves being outside. We have really enjoyed the weather lately-i will work in the yard and she will just sit on a big blanket and smile at people passing by. It's made yard work alot easier for me b/c i know she is enjoying being out there so much. Please stop by and see our new ferns which have cozied up our front porch. come sit and swing and drink ice tea.

The Street Weekend

Our favorite Streets came into town this weekend. No, not our favorite british band but Sara and Brian! Mojo was a happy man as the Streets are way into basketball. We had such a fun and relaxing weekend!!! We loved the weekend! Maggie LOVED Sara and Brian and missed them terribly but they are coming back soon!!! Thanks for coming!

Maggie "stats"

I forgot to mention Maggie's stats when she went to her 6 month check up, almost a month ago.
She weighed in at 16 lbs. 13.5 oz. and is 27 in.
She is eating baby food (but doesnt like peas) and is sitting up quite nicely!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Daddy and Maggie

Beach pictures

4 generations of italians..well, Maggie's only a 1/4

R & R in CA

We just got back from a short but relaxing trip to sunny CA. A much needed rest awaited us plus Maggie got to meet special people that she hasn't met before like her Aunt Nikki and Great Grandma Emily! The first couple days all we did was sit by the pool, go for Maggie's first swims and rest. We ate one too many In and Out burgers and Mojo drove to find his fish tacos and rice and bean burritos. He was a happy man. Mags got to spend lots of time with her grandma those first days and hug on her Aunt Nikki and Uncle Spencer. After that, my sweet hubby surprised me by taking me up to Hollywood and letting me splurged on fun clothes from Melrose Ave. Sunday Night we went down to Laguna and ate yummy seafood and drank wine by the ocean. Monday we spent the day down at Huntington Beach, which is fast becoming one of my favorite spots when we go out there. Maggie loved the beach and we ate the best calamari of my life there! Then we went down to Laguna Beach to watch the sunset. We ran into one of Matt's high school buddies who told us about this little restaurant right on the sand near Newport Beach. You park across the highway and then take a shuttle to this little secluded spot down on the water. We got steak and swordfish and it was great! They had heaters on the deck and warm blankets to get cozy with-it's called the Beachcomber if you ever want a great date and are near there.
One of the best things though was Maggie spending time with her great grandma who is 93ish! So sweet! We came back to wonderful blossoms on the trees and hopefully spring is here to stay. Today Maggie is still adjusting to the time change and I'm spring cleaning and filling our house with tulips and daffodils!

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