Saturday, February 26, 2011

baby mine

Sarah Frances Shalom Morginsky 2/26/11 11:51am 7lbs. 8oz. 20 in.

Welcome dear Frankie! May the world know a little more peace because you were born!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


The past two weeks have been a time of preparation for the new babe that will makes it way quite soon. There always seems more to do, one more thing to make clean. And, i have realized lately how much preparing for a baby is like preparing to tackle Life. I have found this to be true in two major areas.

Tension & Contractions
Since this is our third go round, cleaning with toddlers under foot as been a source of frustration. Every time I get the baby's area 'just right' I turn around to see my 2 year old son slowly dismantling everything I had just put together. The basket with all the baby blankets has now been turned over and he has become a 'blanket monster.' Or has spread them all over the floor to make a bed. Some one has crawled into the crib and gotten peanut butter on the newly washed organic sheets. And while stripping said 2 year olds bed, out flew a half eaten quesadillas. While I inwardly groaned, he exclaimed: "Mama, I found my cheese quesadillla!" 
Tension much like a contraction has to be recognized, acknowledged, breathed through, and then released. If only I could live like that. Seeing the frustration in my life, taking a deep breath, and then letting it go. Because much like contractions, the more you tense and fight against tension and frustration-the worse it gets. 
Breathe deep & ride it out.

Fear vs. Trust
The other major area I have been learning in both preparing for labor and preparing for life is how fear plays a major role in hindering labor and life. I have been reading a fabulous book called Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method. The major premise of the book is believing the body knows exactly what its doing. We need to trust it, not fear pain, and let the body do its work. I mean, if you think about it our bodies are amazing. One hormone signals to another and wham-you're in labor. The body takes over-each muscle knowing its work, each part of the body working in time with the others. It's positively amazing.
Yet as women, we come into with a lot of fear. Control issues really. How long will labor be? Can I handle the pain? What if something goes wrong? Fear-it creeps in.
And fear causes the body to tense up-to shut down. Mammals who are in labor have a stop response in case there is danger or its not a good place to have their baby. Their bodies shut down the labor when they experience anxiety. It's a perfect mechanism but as humans when our irrational fears get in the way, it hinders us.
Trust our bodies. Trust the path we are on. Trust that everything will indeed work out in the end. Accepting that truth frees us to relax all our muscles and let nature and God do the work. 

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

mile high

just a quick glimpse of our trip out to denver in january. the city is lively, no real bad parts, parks everywhere, and of course, the view of the rockies doesnt get old.

              the following pics are in City Park....a nice big park with playground, zoo, science center, etc. notice the kids have snow boots on but no jackets. it was like 50 degrees but the snow doesnt melt because it gets freezing at night. its perfect play weather!!! we loved it!

 look at this amazing playground...castles and ziplines!
 abe and maggie doing a puppet show at a local bookstore with an awesome kids section.

we headed up to Winter Park one day. the drive up was pretty amazing. at one point it just starts snowing b/c you are high enough and then all of the sudden you are above clouds. the kids are a bit too young to really get into the scenery....we heard lots of "this is taking too long." but Matt and I sure enjoyed it!

 considering i was (am) great with child, we decided against skiing or tubing, and decided to take a sleigh through the woods. quite as pretty as it sounds.
our sweet horses that pulled our sleigh through the snow. arent they pretty?

 getting ready to head out! isnt Mags adorable?
 we had to sit close to Abe because of course he wanted to jump around.
 look at those slopes! gulp! one day.....
 we stopped in the middle of the snow and the cowboy made us hot cocoa. pretty awesome.
 Mags loving the VIP treatment.
 one happy girl
 do we look like a Denver family?

 i could get use to the snuggling....

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