Monday, March 04, 2013

sweet one

this one turned two!!! She is a firecracker! this girl, she keeps me on my toes. she climbs on the table, climbs on the kitchen counter and dumps all the vitamins, climbs onto the edge of the couch and jumps!, colors on the walls, colors on the floor...she doesnt flinch if i discipline her. she is crazy! she still nurses and still doesnt sleep through the night! holy moly she is a hand full! but she loves her mama like crazy and me holding her will solve any of her problems. she laughs alot with maggie and abe and thinks its hilarious when abraham slaps the water while they are in the bath. she is bold and brave and will do great things in the world! and, i have to brag, she really is very very smart! she can already point to a letter and name it correctly! she almost knows the whole alphabet! hello brillant!  she is so amazingly cute to boot!
happy birthday sweet girl!
rolling down a hill!

hanging out being cute!

her favorite spot lately. ugh.

birthday girl!

sweet baby loving on me

finding a new way to cause trouble!

being beautiful in costco!

just getting into dress up! so cute!
4 days old.

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